Tuesday, March 3, 2020


With such good weather,  Room 3 engaged in playful learning this week. Blowing bubbles is always fun, which made our story writing achievable. We also met with other Year 1 and New Entrant classes to practise our ball skills. Our week finished with hosting Room 5 for integrated studies. We re-enacted  Maori myth titled "Tamure and the Taniwha." After that all of the children engaged in the art activities such as painting, collage, sculpting and card making. Room 3 finished our class Taniwha, whilst Room 5 children started Junior School art project.

Tamure and the Taniwha fishermen

Our student teacher as a Taniwha

Stomping Giants

Art Station

Water Play

Room 3 children finishing our class Taniwha

Making little spheres and painting

Room 3 Taniwha is finished

Junior School Art Project